Our "Internet Connection" service is a permanent connection without time and data restrictions. OptoNet Internet Connection is primarily intended for corporate customers, public authorities and institutions, with a wide range of specific requirements, through the following services.

Fibre optic rental

We offer fibre optic rental in our backbone network and our metropolitan networks.

Wavelength rental

A commonly available technology for business customers that provides the highest possible transmission capacity.

Lease of data circuits

The data circuits service and optical fibre rental is mainly intended for telecommunication operators and local Internet providers.

Internet connection

        We provide a permanent internet connection without time and data limitations


           Use VoIP voice services - stay connected and reduce your call costs.


Take advantage of TV broadcasts that use our broadband (high-speed) internet connection for transmission.

HW delivery and management

    After we implement and complete the IT infrastructure, we can offer quality service facilities and excellent support.

Security and camera systems

We provide you with customized camera security systems.

Complete IT administration

Professional management of corporate IT with the emphasis on response time, prevention and security.



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