Operating its own data center is a new activity of OptoNet Communication

DATOVÉ CENTRUM VYSOČINA provides services that will be appreciated especially by telecommunication companies, internet providers, system integrators, in brief, all those whose operation and business success depends on a high level of use of information communication technologies. The data center is also a solution for companies looking for premises for a backup data center. DATOVÉ CENTRUM VYSOČINA is a professional and modern solution for the location and management of servers and other ICT infrastructure elements.


Data center services


Dedicated servers

We offer a server that will only be for you. Check our range of dedicated servers that allow you to optimise your server configuration for your needs, ensuring the best performance. A solution for companies for whom control, stability, reliability and data security are important.

Rack housing

 Rack housing includes renting rack space for all customer equipment from servers to switches, gateways, routers and more. Renting a rack or part of a rack is more cost-effective for large projects than standard placement of each item of equipment.

Server housing

We offer our own physical servers in the Vysočina Data Center. This eliminates the problem of noise or cooling. If you don't own a server, you can rent part of the capacity of one of our servers or the whole dedicated server.



Cloud Storage

  Cloud storage solutions are available for almost every kind of business - from the sole trader to large enterprises. Cloud storage makes sense, especially if you don't have the resources or skills to manage the storage yourself. Cloud storage can also help with budget planning by making storage costs predictable and giving you the ability to scale as the business grows.

Virtual data center

The great thing about virtual data centers is that shared resources are allocated purely on an as-needed basis. When you're running an application or program that requires a lot of computing power, you have access to it. When you don't need the power, you don't use the full capacity. This means you only pay for what you need when you need it.


Back up business applications from physical or virtual infrastructure to reliable and secure cloud storage. The ability to access files or other detailed data independently for any retention period, or fully automatic recovery of the entire infrastructure from the cloud.



What you get by using the services

Overview of advantages when using the DATOVÉ CENTRUM VYSOČINA


Strong protection

DATOVÉ CENTRUM VYSOČINA  (TIER IV -  design 99,995%) protects your data in a virtual environment, including the elimination of cyber threats and attacks.

Secure data storage

The timeless software suite, containing an extensive database of security risks, protects data flexibly at several levels using SIEM tools.

Cost reduction

Optimize costs by paying only for what you use at a given time.

Increasing efficiency

Our certified specialists enable you to use your IT effectively, including customer and technical support.


Your servers will operate in a guarded and secure environment with 24/7/365 surveillance including automated EZS, PTZS, CCTV and backup power with diesel generators.

Avoid high investments

By using the services of the DATOVÉ CENTRUM VYSOČINA, you can direct your investment into your business - we will provide IT services and maintenance.