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Information presented in other formats

On this website, some information is available in a form other than text or hypertext. Links leading to these files are indicated in the text by an appropriate icon pointing to other content in the target link.

Documents may appear in the following formats:

  • PDF - Adobe Acrobat Reader is freely downloadable for this format.
  • DOC, XLS, PPT - Microsoft provides free downloadable viewers for its Office products.
  • RTF - can be viewed and edited by most commonly used text editors.
  • ZIP - some documents may be compressed due to size. There are a large number of programs on the internet that can decompress this format.
  • Exceptionally, documents in DOCX, XLSX, PPTX formats are also posted on these pages. In this case, Microsoft also provides free downloadable viewers for its Office products. If your operating system does not support the installation of these browsers, please contact the author of the document by email or phone (his name is indicated next to each document) and arrange to send him the file in another format, or request further information from him free of charge.

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